Welcome to Medology’s Payment Portals. From this site you will be able to buy our coveted medicine personal statement guide. Bought by over 100 medical applicants, we have received some amazing feedback on just how comprehensive and up to date it is. Click on the link below to buy now!

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We at Medology would like to thank you all for your continued support and engagement with our content. We set up Medology to provide bespoke, comprehensive information that is accessible for all, and with your help and feedback, we have been able to grow at a rate we didn’t know was possible! Although we have come so far, we have a long way to go to fulfill our continuing mission: to prove you don’t need to break the bank to go to medical school.

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We post regular and comprehensive guidance every week on our Instagram feed. It is a treasure trove of information. We also pride ourselves on our personal advice, creating strong relationships with our students through regular DM correspondence. If you have any question at all on the admissions process – or just want to talk – we will always respond! So make sure you are following @medologyx to get the most from Medology and be the first to hear of our exciting updates throughout the year! 

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